Our Mission

1.     Restoring peace and stability in Syria by nurturing an environment conducive to peace whilst simultaneously weakening the environment that fuels tensions and prolongs conflict;

2.     Building bridges between the various components that constitute Syrian society and crossing the lines that separate them, such as competing ideologies and identities;

3.     Supporting programs, groups, and organizations which pursue educational, developmental, and cultural goals that foster bonds of mutual interest, trust, and peaceful cohabitation amongst the components of Syrian society;

4.     Encouraging the right of return for refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs);

5.     Building a vision of Syria’s future that unites all Syrians and sets them into an era of societal, economical and political prosperity;

6.     Participating in achieving a peaceful transition in Syria that works towards a unified and prosperous vision for the future. 

Our Vision

The Home Revival Initiative (HRI) is comprised of and represents a wide cross-section of professional Syrians from diverse regional and religious backgrounds.

The Initiative has, since pre-2011, run various civil society, medical and human development projects both inside and outside Syria, which have been recognized and supported by the international community.

These projects and initiatives directly empower Syrians with shared professional concerns and aspirations, regardless of their respective political backgrounds, geographical origin, and residential status.

The HRI is a goal-oriented group that recognizes and understands the reality of the Syrian crisis and its impact upon Syrian people, and aims to bring solutions that fit this operational context.

Headquartered in Geneva, with projects in Syria

Who We Are

The Home Revival Initiative (HRI) was born out of a need for those of us who care for Syria to act in support of the reconstruction of a different future its civil society. We are a nonprofit, established to drive the revival of Syrian civil society across culture, social, education and economic domains.

Where we Operate

  • Headquartered – Geneva, Switzerland
  • Projects – Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey
  • Presence in the Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, France, Italy, Kuwait, Lebanon, Netherlands, Qatar, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, UK, USA

















United Kingdom


2018 Plan

  • Supporting all efforts  to stop the war across all Syrian territories
  • Model for a peaceful transition through HRI activities
  • Support the safe return of refugees under a UN monitoring process
  • Youth engagement and employment programs
  • Empowering women’s role in the Syrian future at all levels.

Our Projects

  • Feasibility Study – education  – In collaboration with the VIP.FUND
  • Funding University Students – In collaboration with the Estebar & Wajih Barazi fund and EDSEED.
Tawfik Chamaa

Tawfik Chamaa

Founding Member

Thank you for your interest in the Home Revival Initiative! We look forward to working with you.

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Thank you for your interest in HRI!

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